A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

you have fallen into a hole, try to find the ladder so you can get your way out from this cave

made for brackeys game jam on friday and saturday (short period of time)

keep in mind that i'm 14 and have fun with the game boy graphics


hole(linux).zip 21 MB
hole(mac).zip 21 MB
hole(windows).zip 20 MB


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This is pretty damn good. Only issue is controls are a bit, and I mean a bit, laggy. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and got gamer rage at it sometimes. Try to learn how to add in checkpoints though. That was a serious issue. But other than that, I absolutely loved it, and hopefully see more of your work in the future.

Also if you want me to, I can eithe teach or help you on how to make the audio in your games more interesting and weaved in. If you wanna learn, hit me up on discord @Trickshot#2604. I did music technology as an elective in high school last year if you wanted to know.

i can't lose that oppurtunity but unfortunatly i have school so i don't have time

:( the controls were a bit irresponsive i know right now i'm working on another game (geomatry dash ripoff) and i fixed the irresponsive jumps the only problem is the music btw loved your feedbacl